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Port El Kantaoui
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Approximately 10km (6 miles) north of Sousse is Port El Kantaoui ("Garden") located, a town, that was built from scratch specifically for tourists 30 years ago (1979). Previously, the region was know as "Ra's Marsa".

Someone expecting to see anything "tunisian" here, will definitely be disappointed - Port El Kantaoui is rather an apartment houses (almost all holiday apartments) complex that was built around a marina.

Neither the building style (mauric in a park-like environment), nor the street life (almost exclusively tourists), nor the prices (high), nor the high level of tidyness are typical for Tunisia.

In addition, Port El Kantaoui consists of a large variety of Restaurants and shops offering the typical tourist souvenirs.  In other words  - it is a Disney-style "Tunisia".

Many tourists feel quite comfortable in Port El Kantaoui, though, most probably, because it looks like a tourist would imagine a proper "arabic" town to look like.
In Port El Kantaoui is one of the two leisure parks of the region of Sousse located, the "Hannibal Park". Right next to it, the leisure bath "Acqua Park" is situated.
Both parcs are only open during the summer months!

North of the center of Kantaoui is a Golf Course, in the center is a small botanical garden.
North of Kantaoui is a large hotel zone located, which spans over 3km (2 miles) to the suburb "Tantana".

Tantana consists mainly of apartment houses (mostly holiday apartments). The only hotel in Tantana is the "Diar Meriam".

The only austrian Cafe-Restaurant in Tunisia, "Gabys Cafe", is also located in Tantana.

Behind Chott Meriam, then approximately 10km (6 miles) away from Kantaoui center, there are two more hotels:  "Tennis Mediterranee" and "Tergui Club" - quite deserted, since there is hardly any infrastructure around anymore.

And even further north, ca. 15km (10 miles) away from Kantaoui center, is the small village of Hergla.

25km (16 miles) north of Kantaoui is the new tourist airport Zine El Abidine Ben Ali International Enfidha (starting operations by 2010).
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Information about Port El Kantaoui

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